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Our uPVC windows offer classic style and modern performance for your home in Oxford. The balanced, slim sightlines create a neat and elegant finish that will complement any style of home. The vast expanse of glass means you can enjoy natural light and stunning views. At the same time, the quality glazing means you still benefit from security, thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

We want your home to reflect your style perfectly. That is why we give you the freedom to customise your new uPVC windows specifically to your taste. You can choose the style, colour and finish that best complements your décor. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, rural or urban, your new windows will enhance its visual appeal.

Market Leading Profile

We strive to offer our customers the very best uPVC windows on the market. That is why we use leading supplier, Emplas.

Emplas use cutting edge techniques, high quality materials and a market leading profile to create the uPVC windows we offer.

As a result, you will enjoy superior thermal efficiency, security, weatherproofing and style. Why settle for anything less?

Choice Of Styles

To ensure that we offer windows to suit every taste and need, we offer both uPVC casement windows and uPVC flush casement windows.

Flush casement windows replicate the look of traditional timber windows. The windowpane sits flush against the frame, mimic timber joinery.

Whether your home is traditional, modern, period or contemporary, flush casement windows will add a flawless finish and visual appeal.

Highly Versatile

Highly Weatherproof

Our uPVC windows are highly weatherproof. The tight weather seals and effective gaskets will keep your home protected from all conditions.

By keeping out wind and rain, these weatherproof windows may mean you suffer less with issues like draughts, mould and damp.

Our collection also features resilient hardware that is designed to withstand extreme weather. You will enjoy flawless operation for years.

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Highly Thermally Efficient

Our uPVC windows from Emplas use a market leading profile that can achieve an A++ WER and low U-value of 0.8W/m2K. This excellent performance is due to the intelligent design features that help prevent heat loss from occurring.

The multi-chambered profile has a honeycomb structure. Consequently, pockets of air create an insulating barrier between the cold outside and the warmth inside your home. As a result, more heat stays inside your home.

By keeping more warmth inside your property, our uPVC windows may mean that you need to use your central heating system less frequently to stay comfortable. As a result, you may find yourself saving money with lower energy bills.

Secure uPVC Windows

We strive to offer our customers the highest standard of security. To achieve this goal, our uPVC windows are fitted with first rate security features. We use multipoint locking systems and dog bolts that defend your home from forced entry.

Our uPVC windows also feature a patented docking system, which stops the bolt moving sideways if the window is attacked. You can also benefit from a heavy duty shoot bolt, which boasts up to 300% greater contact area than alternatives.

As well as intelligent locking systems, our windows are also made from premium quality materials. This high standard means that the frame has impressive inherent strength. The window can withstand attempts to force it open.

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Low Maintenance

We know that it can often feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day. When you come home from a busy day, the last thing you want to do is household chores. That is why our uPVC windows have been designed to need minimal upkeep.

The quality uPVC won’t bend, bow warp or distort when exposed to the elements. This means you won’t have to sand the door to keep it from sticking in the frame. Instead, a little oil is all the door needs to stay working like new.

Our uPVC windows are also coated in a durable, long lasting finish. So, no matter what colour you choose for your new frames, they will stay looking stunning for years. They coating won’t peel, flake or crack, meaning there’s no need for repainting.

Why Choose Thomas Samuel?

Here at Thomas Samuel, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. With over 50 years in the home improvement industry, we have built up a wealth of knowledge. Our skilled team will fit your window with precision and efficiency.

Every team member undergoes training to ensure a prompt, careful fitting is carried out. We are happy to offer advice throughout the process, giving you full freedom in designing your windows. We want to leave our Abingdon customers satisfied with your new uPVC windows.

Our uPVC windows are also coated in a durable, long lasting finish. So, no matter what colour you choose for your new frames, they will stay looking stunning for years. They coating won’t peel, flake or crack, meaning there’s no need for repainting.

uPVC Windows Prices Oxfordshire

uPVC windows, Oxfordshire

uPVC Window Prices Oxford

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