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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Installing aluminium sliding patio doors is the ideal way to enhance your home with light and views. A large amount of glass and slender frame means that you can benefit from a large amount of natural light and panoramic views, even when the doors are closed. We can also offer a moveable corner post, to fully open up two walls of your home.

Our aluminium sliding doors are effortless to operate, meaning they are the perfect addition to any home. The lift and slide system means the panels can glide along the track with even less friction. You can also opt for fully automatic sliding doors. We can install a motor neatly in the frame, allowing the doors to open at the touch of a button.


Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors

Market leaders supply our aluminium sliding patio doors. They are renowned for their cutting edge design and quality products.

Our sliding doors are made with premium aluminium. This high quality means that you will enjoy the best benefits aluminium offers.

With our aluminium patio doors, you will benefit from superior strength, thermal efficiency, durability, security and longevity.


Effective Protection

Our aluminium sliding doors offer excellent protection against all weather conditions. Your home will stay comfortable and cosy.

These patio doors feature effective weather seals and a weatherproof threshold. This prevents draughts and water ingress.

Our team of experts will install your new addition to the highest standard. They will ensure a clean fit, keeping out the elements.


Highly Customisable

We want to provide stunning home improvements to suit any property, from traditional cottages to modern townhouses.

This goal is why we offer our aluminium sliding doors with a wide range of customisation options. You are in complete control.

You can choose the number of panels, so you can make the most of your available space. We also have a range of glazing to choose from.


Thermally Efficient

Choosing energy efficient windows can have a significant impact on your comfort. Insulating lift and slide patio doors help keep the heat created by your central heating system trapped inside your home. This means your home stays at a comfortable temperature.

Our aluminium patio doors are able to reach a U-value of as low as 1.07W/m2K. Their impressive performance is due to the multichambered profile and efficient glazing. They are an excellent choice for homeowners concerned about energy efficiency.

A highly insulating door solution means that you may need to use your central heating system less often. As a result, you may find that you enjoy lower energy bills, meaning you could save money. It can also lower your carbon footprint.

Highly Secure

We take your security seriously. That is why our lift and slide sliding doors are designed to offer the highest protection to your home. We can even offer upgrades to our patio doors that mean they achieve Secured by Design accreditation.

The Secured by Design scheme is a police backed programme intended to design out crime. It has proven to be highly effective at lowering crime rates in certain areas. This means that you can trust products that boast this accreditation.

Our aluminium patio doors feature highly secure locking mechanisms and durable glass. These features help to deter would-be intruders and burglars. The sashes are also internally glazed, meaning the glass can’t be removed from the frame.



Low Maintenance

We have designed our sliding patio doors to be impressively low maintenance. The quality aluminium won’t bend, bow, warp or swell like timber alternatives. The frames are also far more durable than uPVC options.

The resilience and durability of our aluminium patio doors mean that you won’t have to treat, varnish or sand the frames to keep them performing like new. They will stay working like new for many years, with next to no input from you.

Our lift and slide patio doors are also coated with a tough, long lasting layer. This covering means the frames won’t peel, flake or chip in the way that paint does. You won’t have to worry about touching up these doors, all they need is a simple wipe.


Aluminium Sliding Doors Prices Oxford

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